Blogging and writing, writing and blogging

You know it really shouldn’t be this difficult to blog. In the last couple weeks I’ve fallen into a rut when it comes to blog posts. I have a list of excuses that are good ones, some animal related and some family related but I won’t bore you with the details.

Then of course there is a little project I took on with writing my own book series. As I said in an earlier post, writing is the simplest part of the whole process. It’s everything after that becomes an ordeal.

It’s the process of marketing that is mainly a hassle and pulls you away from the things you enjoy but if it’s not done you may find yourself and your book buried under the mountain of new releases in the days following.

I’ve worked on growing my twitter following, my Facebook likes on the book series page and even put up book trailer videos on YouTube. All were not bad to do just time consuming. I’ve spent time on boards about writing trying to learn any ways to market my product other than what I’ve already done.

The thing so far I’ve been the worst at is face to face marketing. It has been suggested I go to the libraries and schools in my local area to talk about my book, possibly set up a signing or just talk to a class. This is a great way to create a buzz locally that will hopefully lead to some reviews and spur sales.

Sounds great other than the fact I work a full time job spending 50+ hours most weeks in another state. How can I find the time to push my book when I can’t even find the time to mow my grass? Just the life of an aspiring writer I guess.

And yes I know I missed this past week on my comic (first time since it started) but I hope to get back on track this coming weekend. Maybe even participate in a few of the flash fiction challenges I enjoy. They say timing is everything but I think time is, not timing! Everyone could use a little more time.

With the little time I can find I am working on book three and have hinted at the fact I want it to be Halloween themed. Here is a possible illustration to be used in the book.


Yes that is the evil wizard and he has a troll just sitting waiting for orders. What do you think? Does it interest you to where the story may lead? If you have been along for my blogging the last couple of years you may know how much I enjoy the scary stories and a touch of horror. I’m hoping to reflect this in my new book but still keep it fun for kids.

I also have been working on the cover for the third book along with the backcover blurb. What do you think? Any changes I should make?


I’ve got the story idea in place and most of the first chapter done. I think it’s going to be another fun installment and build on the legend of Spark.

I have a lot going on right now but I’m trying not to let it detract me from what I enjoy, the writing and sharing with other bloggers. Be back soon.

Have you signed up to win yet?

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coverart2Have you signed up for your chance to win an autographed copy of How I Met My Pet Dragon yet?

All you need to do is click the button at the top of this page, enter your name and address and you will instantly be in the running for one of two free autographed copies to be given out. Contest runs until August 17th all sign-ups until then will be considered for the giveaway.

Also when you sign up it allows us to alert you of any news or special offers that may be running like a free book promotion or another giveaway.

I know you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to find out about how a dragon came to be best friends with Jed. If you can find out for free and it includes an autograph from the author that would be even better.

And don’t forget…

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My first attempt at a book trailer…


I attempted a new project this week. Since I released my first book I have been gathering ideas and reading a lot about how to market your writings. It led me to the discovery of what is called a book trailer. If you do not know what that is (and I didn’t) it is a short video highlighting your book just as a movie trailer promotes the movie it is about.

When I first saw this trend I thought that’s a good idea but it’s not like I could do that or my book really even needs one. Well the more I looked around and then discovering these trailers can be made by others for cheap I decided I might want to look into how to do it. After all if someone else can make you one for a few books it can’t be too hard.

I consider myself a somewhat smart and savvy fellow so why not give it a shot. The worst I could do was blow up my computer, right?

It was actually easier than I thought. YouTube has a creator panel you can use for free and once you start it is just a matter of trial and error and some patience.

So here is the debut of my first two ever book trailers. I am especially proud of the one for Secret Agent Dragon and how the music works perfectly with the theme and changes. Please let me know what you think and give a thumbs up to the videos if you like them. Also if you felt the urge to share them it would be awesome. Thanks

Also I am still working on this week’s new comic and hope to have up soon. Between this experiment and my mom spending time in the hospital this weekend I haven’t quite got it ready.

Book two available, book one free download today only

secretagentcovertoonfrontThe second book in the Dragon In My Garage series is officially available today. Secret Agent Dragon takes a slight turn from the humor of book one and puts Spark on an action packed mission as a new Secret Agent.

Today is also the final day to download book one How I Met My Pet Dragon for free. If you haven’t yet downloaded it’s a great time too see what the story is all about. It’s a quick read at 48 pages but I will guarantee it will bring at least a couple smiles and maybe a chuckle to you no matter what age you are.

I have also been working on updating the website and Facebook page for the series and must be doing something right because the likes continue to build on both.

As an added bonus I’m giving away two free autographed copies of the paperback version of How I Met My Pet Dragon and will be accepting entries until August 17th, 2015.

All you need to do is go to the sign up page on and enter your name and email. If you are selected as a winner I will notify you and ask for the shipping info. Book and shipping are included in winnings.

My current plan is to have a third book ready by October. It is going to introduce Spark to his first ever Halloween so I think it will be a lot of fun.

Thank you everybody for the support up to now from me and my pet dragon.

Snow Day


“Snow day, Snow day” the kids all shouted.

“What?” Maggie looked outside. “No, it can’t be.”

“No school right mommy?” the littlest one asked.

“I guess not.” Maggie replied reluctantly.

As the kids ran out into the cool air and began to make snowballs Maggie couldn’t help but smile. The girls were too cute for their own good now that they were getting… they were getting…

Wait Maggie thought, I don’t have kids!

The last thing she remembered she was in her college dorm playing beer pong with a bunch of other students. Yesterday she was worried about final exams and today she was yelling at kids to make sure they wore their gloves.

It was a real life Twilight Zone.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt and inspired by the photo above.

Free download on book one available July 21 to July 24


Free, Free, Free

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Right now until July 24th you can go to Amazon and download a free copy of How I Met My Pet Dragon. That’s right, free!coverart2

To celebrate the release of book two Secret Agent Dragonon July 24th I am running a promotion on book one until then. All you have to do is go to site and download.

If you decide to download and read the story I would love to know what you think. A review on Amazon or Goodreads would be helpful as well.

Please share my free book on your social sites and let’s see how many downloads we can create!

Thanks to everyone for all the support.

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Book progression, ever wanted to see work in progress

Originally posted on Dragon in My Garage:

I decided to set up a Pinterest account and created my first board.

The board is called Dragons Make Great Pets and is dedicated to showcasing the progression and updates from the Dragon In My Garage book series.

I’ve loaded several pins including my different book covers and a few unused illustrations and plan to add more soon. I even added this picture

aWeird huh? Who knows, might be a coloring book in the future for the Dragon series.

So check out the Pinterest board and let me know what you think.

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