Support the Zombie Athletic League

zombieheadIf you have visited my blog before you might have seen my buddy Chompski hanging around. If not then what you need to know is he is a huge sports fan which is a bit unusual since he is also a zombie.

He even started to do a weekly update here earlier in the year on his favorite sports team the Boston Red Sox. That is until they kept digging themselves deeper and deeper into the grave of this season and Chompski just couldn’t take always reporting negatively on his favorite team.

Because of this he began a search for new projects. That’s part of why he hasn’t been around here in a while.

Well recently he discovered an alternate version of our world where the zombie apocalypse not only happened, but had run it’s course and people were in the rebuild phase after stopping it.

Completely weird I know but what was even weirder was the discovery that not all the zombies were destroyed and the ones left over were being used to entertain the masses.

It was discovered the zombies showed a competitive spirit when it came to their survival and this could be exploited. Zombies became athletes and the ZAL was formed (Zombie Athletic League).


The league features zombies playing variations of what we know as professional sports. It’s not the same as seeing a steroid pumped muscleman getting paid millions to pull a hamstring, but it does the job of entertaining and the tickets are very reasonable.

You can show your support by heading over to the site and check it out. There is a backstory to give you some history, the beginnings of a comic book detailing the league’s beginnings and links to some awesome ZAL gear.

Yankee fans (Austin) may not like the Rankee’s gear but Chompski had fun putting it together and adding in his input to this weird world.

It’s still a work in progress but we hope you enjoy it.

Spark is feeling Fan-tastic…

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So Spark’s books have been out for almost two months now and we are finally starting to see some results from all the fun we had writing them. Just last week during a single day promotion of both books over two hundred digital copies were downloaded from Amazon.

Okay so they were free copies we didn’t make any money on but it means people are interested in the stories (Or they like free things?) and somebody somewhere is reading about an ancient dragon trying to find his way in our world and the friend Jed he finds along the way (I wrote that story!).

Speaking of someone reading, or something reading, it seems Spark is gaining fans of every size, shape, species and even manufactured. Just today a wonderful person sent me a picture of her Stuffed Bear showing it’s support for dragonkind.


 Max Bear is a fun critter and…

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Still I try…

chimpanzee-751238_640The days come and go. No matter how hard I try to slow them down they leave me in the dust. Why is there never enough time in the day to work, sleep, eat and play?

Still I try. I grab my laptop and find projects to occupy my mind. I discover new worlds to explore and new friends to share my thoughts with. When my eyes become heavy and my brain goes numb I know it’s time to rest and get ready for the next day.

Lately the heavy eyes and numb brain are happening more and more. The exploring new worlds less and less.

monkey-645049_640Still I try. I lean in and type words on the screen. I think about how a dragon might battle a wizard. I think about how bad a zombie might stink. I wonder, I contemplate then I wonder some more. I read then listen to my own thoughts. Are they good or are they leading me astray?

It doesn’t make sense, or does it? I can no longer be sure. My mind is too random. I’m not sure what direction to go.

Still I try. I start a new line, a paragraph or two. I read til it pleases me, then I write a bit more. The clock is against me. It’s staring me down. Sleepy it asks, you know nighttime has come? Tomorrow is near and there are things for you to do. Why must the day end so soon?

Rest is a must, yet my mind won’t stop. I lay in bed counting sheep dragons hoping for sleep. If only my brain had a printer attached maybe I wouldn’t be in need of an extension of time.

Still I try. I find a way. I laugh at the dark closing in on me. I-am-a-writer. No one can take that away.


Books free, 1 day only August 8th

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Tomorrow will be a great day to pick up digital copies of the first two books in the Dragon In My Garage series.

Book one and book two will be free for one day only August 8th

coverart2How I Met My Pet Dragon

And book two.

Secret Agent Dragon Secret Agent Dragon

That means you will be able to pick up digital copies of both for free. That is a great deal considering the wok that went into creating these.

Why would I do such a great deal you ask? Well I want to create some buzz about the books and I’m hoping to create fans plus maybe even get someone to leave a review with their thoughts on the story.

So be sure to use the links below the pictures above or on the sidebar to click over to amazon and download your copies. You could make a dragon and his keeper very happy…

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