Halloween Haiku Horror

tree-400291_640The darkest of nights

And in every corner

Much evil  lingered

Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins

Gargoyles galloping about

Gathering, gawking

What is it they want

What was their sinister plan

We expect the worst

Wendigos and Wraiths

Wild Witches and Winged Demons

Waiting, watching us

Too many to count

So many creating fear

Yet doing nothing

Serpents and Spirits

Shape Shifters in the shadows

Sneaking and Stalking

 This could be the end

Why else would they all gather

Wait, It’s Halloween

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The Scariest Halloween Ever

The town had made a mistake. A HUGE mistake! When it was brought up a few months ago at the town meeting the whole committee agreed unanimously. How could they have been so wrong? How could it have went this far?

The streets were a war zone. The sidewalks were lined with debris and the destruction just continued. No one seemed to know what to do. No one had any idea how to stop it or even slow it down. Should they call the National Guard? It had been suggested but that seemed like an extreme reaction. Maybe it was time for an extreme reaction?

The police officers just stood back and watched. This was something they were not prepared for and no one had ever trained them on how to handle. The ideas were all there but no one wanted to act on them so on the destruction went. Riot gear, tear gas, beanbag guns and tazers were all at there disposal yet not one of these items was put to use.

Suddenly a young man emerged from the chaos and approached the line of officers.

“I have a way to stop this. I need to speak with the mayor.”

The officers looked at one another each waiting for the other to make a decision.

“Just tell me where to find him. I’m not out to hurt anyone. I want all this to stop as much as you do but that won’t happen until I get to speak with someone who has a little authority.”

Finally one of the officers spoke up. “I’ll take him.”

“You sure it’s a good idea.” Another asked.

“No but it’s the first time anyone has offered any idea and I’m not losing the chance to stop this.”

The officer led the young man into the court house. Mayor Thomas and his staff were inside discussing their options when the two entered.

“This man says he has a way to stop this sir.”

“Well by all means let’s hear it. No one here has come up with anything yet.” as Mayor Thomas spoke you could hear the fear and frustration in his voice.

“Mr. Mayor. We need to have …..” the young man continued for only a minute with his plan.

It was so simple yet brilliant. The Mayor stood up from his seat yelling “Well you heard him. Let’s get on this ASAP and turn this thing around. I want that truck here yesterday.”

He looked back at the young man. “Son, if this works you got a hero’s celebration coming to you and a key to the city.”

“Only if the key is made of chocolate sir.” The young man said grinning.

It wasn’t long before a large dump truck was barreling through the streets headed toward the center of town. The driver was warned the trip might be hazardous and he needed to be on watch for anything. Just get to the courthouse as quick as you can without hurting anyone he was told. Why he was here and hauling this cargo he might not understand, but he was determined to do his job especially with the bonus this one was going to get him.

The closer he came to his destination the more uncomfortable he felt. It was unbelievable, unimaginable and just downright shocking. Streetlights were torn down, mailboxes had been tipped over and destroyed and the windows in nearly every car, home, and business were busted. “What had happened here, what was still happening here and what am I doing here?” he couldn’t help but think to himself.

He pulled onto Main Street and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Right in front of him the chaos was happening and the culprits could be seen. Was it even possible and if so why? Why would they all go crazy at the same time and start tearing apart a town? Suddenly the cargo made sense and he knew he needed to get it in place quickly.

He pulled around and backed up to the sidewalk as close as he could get without hitting or hurting anything. He didn’t feel safe getting out of the truck but he had no choice. It had to be done. As he was selecting the lever to dump his cargo he overheard a young man hollering above the noise.

“Everyone, it’s here. Come on and take what you want. It’s time to fill your bags and go home. Halloween is over.”

The cargo slid from the truck landing onto the sidewalk. Bags of candy bars, lollipops, bubble gum and gummy bears steadily flowed from the truck bed piling into a mountain then very quickly began to vanish. The kids all gathered around scooping up candy and laughing happily. It was over. It was finally over.

The next day Mayor Thomas honored the young man at a press conference. He spoke a bit about the mistakes made and the cleanup that was needed. He asked for the parents to have lenience on those involved. He apologized and vowed that during his tenure “Candy free” Halloween would never again be attempted, no matter how overweight the children became.

Settle down! Chocolate. I need chocolate.

Settle down!
Chocolate. I need chocolate.

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Halloween’s a-coming

sweet-316373_640It’s gone. It’s just gone. All of it.

It was there earlier but now it’s gone.

All that’s left is the wrappers.

Dang candy. Why you got to taste so good?

I don’t know what I’m going to do about those little monsters this weekend.

If they show up all decked out in their costumes they are going to expect candy.

Would it be wrong to wrap a few rocks up in the old wrappers?

They wouldn’t know until they got home right?

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Clone of discomfort


I had known Roger a few years but this was the first time I had been by his house. We normally met up at the bar and just hung out after work but today he asked me to pick him up after his car broke down. He lived just a few blocks over so it wasn’t a big deal. Upon arriving I decided I had to see the inside of his place as he was always bragging about his great bachelor pad.

I knocked and he answered inviting me in. I quickly realized something odd. His place was an exact duplicate of mine right down to the carpet and color on the walls. What the heck? I had just painted my place last month. Why did he have the same color, the same furniture, the same picture of a sailboat on his wall? This was just way too weird.

He left me in the front room while he grabbed his shoes. The more I looked around the more it creeped me out. Even the magazine on the end table was the same as mine at home. The coat rack in the corner, the coat hanging loosely from it all identical. The carpet stain in front of the sofa was even there. Wait, what was that?

“The eagle statue, I don’t have it!” I screamed aloud not even realizing it.

Roger entered back into the room “Yeah, I just got that last weekend. Do you collect eagle’s or something? What you mean you don’t have it?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just, uh, admiring it.” I said while at the same time having a flashback from earlier in the day.

Did I? I think I did. Yeah, I just purchased the same one. But I just bought it today. Roger said he got his last weekend. How did he know I was going to purchase it?

“I got this one yesterday but I haven’t put it out yet.” Roger said pulling a new eagle figurine from a bag. “I think it’s an even nicer piece. I’m going to put it over on that stand in the corner.”

“Yeah, that one’s cool.” I replied while trying to suppress the urge to run out the door.

I needed to go buy one. I had to have it. Wait. Why was I having this urge? Was I the stalker?

Written for today’s Daily Prompt: Doppelganger Alert.

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

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American Pickers Horror Story – Evil Antiquities

I have written this story based around the TV show American Pickers and added in a bit of my own Horror flavor. If you have never seen the show I still think the story will work and if you have hopefully you think I captured a bit of the show’s premise. Thanks for reading.


Picture courtesy of www.history.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.history.com

Frank and Mike were on the back roads of Virginia doing a bit of free styling. They had picked a few spots and came away with a couple good pieces, but so far the trip wasn’t panning out like they hoped. The leads were lackluster and the free styling was so far, leading to nothing. At one point they were so far off the beaten path they felt lost, but sometimes that was where they found the best stuff.

Frank noticed a field in the distance that was littered with old cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.

“Oh, look Mike. Pull in here.” He said

“Oh yeah Frankie, this looks like a good spot. See those buildings in back and all the old cars out front.” Mike responded as he pulled off the main road and down an overgrown dirt path.

“Don’t pull too far. We don’t want to upset anyone before we get a chance to look around.” Frank suggested

Mike knew that was always a possibility, especially in the middle of nowhere. They never knew if the homeowner would welcome them or run them out. They could unusually smooze a little and get on the good side of most anybody, hopefully pick up a few good items to take back to the shop.

“Mike, did you see the old VW bus over there? And I saw a couple old motorcycle frames in back too.” Frank was excited. It was everything they had been looking for. Maybe this trip was finally going to lead to something good.

“Grab the list. Let’s see if we can find someone who will show us around.” Mike told him as they both stepped out of the truck.

The field was loaded with vehicles of every type from very old to fairly new. In several you could tell there were even items stored inside. Who knows what treasures could be found? You could tell many of these had been here for years and never disturbed. It was the perfect place for them to pick.

It wasn’t long before they were approached by an elderly lady. She crept up on them out of nowhere and sent a shiver through Frank when she spoke.

“What do you think you’re doing, trespassing around my yard.” she said in an old, gritty voice.

Mike approached her and held out his hand to shake going into his patented approach “Hi, I’m Mike and this is Frank. We’re pickers from Iowa and we saw the old cars and buildings from the road and thought you might be willing to let us look around. We buy and sell a lot of things.” He motioned for Frank to come over. “Here is a list of a few items we might be interested in buying.”

The woman took the list and scanned over it. She began to smile as she looked back up at Mike “Yes, I have some of these items. I also have some very odd pieces that may interest you as well.”

“The weirder the better. We like the unusual and odd pieces too. The one of a kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else.” Mike told her.

“Oh, well you are in for a treat then.” She replied with a sinister grim that sent another shiver down Frank’s spine.

“Mike, I’m not so sure about this.” He softly whispered to him.

“Frankie. We’ll just take a few minutes and look around. If we don’t find anything good we can get back on the road. What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know. Something just seems off.” Frank responded but Mike was already in the zone. He was climbing over the first row of cars and digging up an old frame out of the grass.

The pick started out pretty normal. They dug up a couple nice items and Lilith, as they found was her name, seemed to be willing to part with any of it for a reasonable price. Frankie even picked up a couple old tin toys from inside a car that looked like they had hardly been played with. They asked her if it would be possible to check out the insides of a couple of the old buildings around.

“Of course. I was hoping you would. Come, follow me.” She said and there was that sinister grin again.

They approached the first building realizing there was movement inside.

“Oh, no. We’re not going in there. My son is working inside.”

As they passed they could see through the cracked door a large, hulking man in an apron chopping up what looked like a large animal.

“You must grow and kill some of your own food way out here, huh.” Mike asked.

“Well, something like that, yes.” She responded. “And here we go. This building I think you will find great things in.”

Mike and Frank looked into the building but the darkness covered all corners. Nothing was visible and they both hesitated.

“Don’t worry. Once we get inside I’ll open the side door to let in the light so we can look around. Everything will be fine.”

They both stepped inside. It was too late when they realized the door was shutting behind them. The darkness enveloped them as the light sowly melted away.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Dannie hadn’t heard from the guys in a day or two and she was getting worried. She had called several times with no answer and had a new lead for them. As a last ditch effort she sent a text with the lead to Mike’s phone. Finally she received a text back. Mike responded saying they had been out of range but were on the way to the new lead. They would check back in later.

At the Stanton’s home the couple waited for the two men they had been watching on TV for the last couple of years. When the Van pulled up outside it wasn’t anything like they had expected. They figured on a slew of camera men and vehicles following along but Frank and Mike stepped out looking to be alone. The couple’s dream of being on TV might be up in smoke or maybe they just had to go over the process before the rest of the crew showed up.

They went out to meet with Frank and Mike but immediately noticed something odd. Frank was a lot taller than he appeared on TV and both men seemed to have very loose skin. When they came closer a rotten smell seemed to be coming from the two.

Mike spoke up “So you have items for sale. We buy lots of stuff.”

“You live way out here by yourselves, huh?” Frank added.

“Yes. We have a few acres and lots of old items for you to look at. Where are the camera’s?” Mr. Stanton inquired.

“We just noticed that there is no one else around to hear you scream if something bad happened.” Mike said, grinning sinisterly.

“Yes, and I see plenty of places to hide the leftover parts of your bodies we don’t use.” Frank added.

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Treats make the treat

84-10-october-26th-2014All Hallows’ Eve

Let the fun begin

Put your costume on

Then come on in

No tricks here

Only treats galore

Have A little candy

Then a little bit more

Eat all you want

There’s plenty around

No one will stop you

No one  will make a sound

Soon you’ll be ready

And you’ll be the treat

After all even goblins

Need something to eat!

Please come to my party

Please come to my party

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction prompt and inspired by the photo above

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Rejected by the water

trg-1Henry leaned over the rail and spoke into the water. He knew it would never speak back but he needed to say the words, needed to ask why. The few people along the walk stared as if thinking he was crazy, the strange man at the water talking to himself. If they only knew they would think much worse. The water had always been there for him, always accepted him for what he was.

That is until recently when it began to reject him, began to shun him and his gifts. He started in childhood giving the water a mouse at first and then a rabbit. Soon he knew it wanted more. Dogs and cats were able to satisfy it for a long time but eventually, even they were not enough. Despite this the water had always kept his gifts, his secrets.

Then he began to give it young women thinking he finally found something to keep the water happy. He was shocked when the bodies started to come back. The authorities eventually took away his gifts. Soon they would be back to take him and he needed to know why. What had he done to upset the water?

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers Prompt and based from the photo above.

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This week is about to get scary!!!

So it’s only 6 more days until Halloween.

Friday the 31st is only a short time away. Not Friday the 13th, but the 31st. That’s like taking the bad luck of the 13th and combining it with the evil of Halloween. Just seems like a scary thought!skull-220049_640

Should we be concerned that there will be ghosts, ghouls and all kinds of nasty things roaming the darkness very soon? The world is seeing enough of the worst lately without the added creepiness brought about by the wretched and cursed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking as forward to digging through the piles of crappy lollipops and cheap gum finding all the Reese’s cups for myself as anybody, but I will be doing it while watching my surroundings very closely. That witch living in the old house surrounded by creepy woods in my neighborhood needn’t expect me to show up for her Halloween party.

A bunch of grown people dressed up like cats and zombies is not for me. I see enough zombies everyday at work and the cats, well… let’s just say just because the costume says sexy on the package doesn’t mean it’s always true. I witnessed my buddy Sam last year try to pull off the sexy cat look and I still cringe every time I think about it. Grrrk….

Sorry, sometimes I throw up in my mouth a little too.

I must admit though that scaring little kids when they slowly climb the stairs to my door is fun, but why should I give them candy just for the chance? I never do it the rest of the year and believe me, I scare some kids! I have so many dropped pamphlets for cookie dough and magazine subscriptions I’m thinking of selling them back to the local school system.

I really don’t understand the purpose of dressing up and walking up and down the streets begging for food. I mean we shun that old guy that hangs out at the local shopping center for doing it and his costume is awesome. Not too many people can pull off hillbilly Santa with turrets.

Add in the fact that among those little dinosaurs, Iron Mans and princesses there may be creepy predators and knife wielding maniacs and I figure it’s the perfect night to stay in, have a bowl of popcorn and watch scary movies. I know it’s a little bit twisted. Not wanting to be scared by the night’s evil but willing to let Hollywood do it to me. Oh well, guess I’m just the cynical old man who never gives out Halloween candy. I’m sure that’s what the neighbor kids will say as they toss eggs at the front of my house.

I just so love this Halloween holiday.

But at least I get to write scary stories! Hoping to post a few this week.

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